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Total Slacker

This slowed down, fuzzed-out punk band plays a ton back home in NYC, but I still see them every chance I get because no two shows are exactly alike; their extended, feedback-laden jams take on an infinite number of permutations. Augmenting this fact at Cheer Up Charlie‘s on Friday was new guitarist Coley Brown, who gave Tucker Rountree even more leeway to go nuts during his solos. During one interlude, Tucker kicked, spun, jumped, and fell on the ground, then climbed up on the bass drum to play his guitar behind his head.

When I asked him about his favorite memory thus far, Tucker knew immediately. “We played last night at [redacted]‘s show, and everyone was stoned out of their fucking minds,” he said. “The guy who threw the show was totally incoherent, and he came up to me, and he says, ‘Tucker, you’re playing a festival, but you’re not playing a festival,’ and he points to Ava Luna. He was philosophizing our psychotherapy, like, ‘You can play in the next five minutes, but you can’t play in the next twenty minutes…this is not a festival!’ He was trying to pull off a communal idea of a show, but it was just bizarre. We decided to play anyway, because we came down here to play as many shows as we can.” Then he asked me to redact the guy’s name and change it to “Dr. Doggy Style.”

Bassist Emily Jane added a less negative memory of her own. “We passed through this crazy oil refinery in Louisiana [on the way to Austin] at midnight, and we’re listening to metal in the car. As we came over the hill there were a ton of flames, and we felt like we were entering hell. We took a wrong turn and got lost in it, and we were all psyching each other out. The music fit perfectly, it was really epic. We want to go back and shoot a music video there…we’ve been calling it Mordor.” It stands to reason that Mordor is in Louisiana.

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